2013 June Meeting

The Moore County Historical and Genealogical Society will meet June 9, at 2:00 PM in the Masonic Lodge in Lynchburg.  The speaker will be Dr. Kevin Cason from Middle Tennessee State University and he will speak on the Tennessee FFA Archival Project. The meeting is open to the general public and you are encouraged to share any materials that you might have  .For more information about meeting, contact    Betty Robertson at 931-759-7763, email  grannyjorobertson@gmail.com  or George Stone at georgestone@cafes.net or by phone at 931-581-2621 .
Tennessee FFA Archival Project

Since July 2011, the Center for Historic Preservation at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) has served as a partner in preserving the historic records of the Tennessee Future Farmers of America (FFA) organization. The project is coordinated by Dr. Kevin Cason, who has a Ph.D. in Public History from MTSU. During the time he was working on his doctorate, Cason served as the Tennessee Century Farms intern at the Center for Historic Preservation and is largely responsible for creating the Century Farms web site.

Under the leadership of the FFA Association and the Tennessee FFA Historic Preservation Project Steering Committee, Cason has organized the growing Tennessee FFA collection and re-housed the items into acid-free boxes, sleeves, and folders. Currently, Kevin has prepared 100 boxes for the collection. In addition, scrapbooks, photos, and other materials have been scanned and digital copies made of items that are on temporary loan.

Each month, Cason prepares a newsletter that provides an update about the project and presents some highlights from the collection. For current and past issues of the FFA Archival Project go to http://www.tnffa.org and click on “FFA Association” and then “History & Structure.”

As a result of his significant contributions to organizing and preserving the Tennessee FFA collection, the Tennessee FFA Association Board of Directors voted to give Cason an Honorary State FFA award. In the spring of 2013, Cason was formally presented an Honorary State FFA plaque and a medallion by the Tennessee FFA State officers at an awards banquet.

The Center for Historic Preservation and the Tennessee FFA Association envision several long term goals for this project. Some of the goals include a website, traveling and permanent exhibits, publications, and a research center for agricultural historians, current FFA members, and FFA alumni and their families who want to enjoy browsing this important collection.

About John Parkes

Welcome to the Moore County, Tennessee Genealogy Page. My name is John Franklin Parkes and I maintain this Web site. I have been researching my family for about seven years. Although I have only been working on my genealogy for a short time, my great-grandfather Roy H. Parkes, Sr. of Lynchburg, Tennessee spent his entire life collecting family histories, wills, deeds, pictures, and other historical treasures from this county. I was fortunate enough to obtain or get copies of most of his written records. After careful research, I realized that I am related in some way to many families of this county. Some of the surnames include Bobo, Colsher, Edens, Fanning, Felps, Flack, Holt, Lewis, Moore, Motlow, Parkes, Pearson, Pogue (Pollock), Renegar, Rountree, Simpson, Stone, Waggoner, & Walker. It may be noteworthy to mention that my great-great-great-great grandfather Allen Waller Parkes, great-great-great grandfather Rufus Burton Parks, great-great grandfather Rufus Alonzo Parks, great grandfather Roy H. Parkes, Sr., grandfather Roy H. Parkes, Jr and father Robert Jackson Parkes are all buried in the Lynchburg Cemetery, Moore County, Tennessee. God willing, I will also be buried there.
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