2017 June Meeting

The Moore County Historical Society will meet Sunday June 11, 2017, at 2:00 pm at the
Masonic Lodge in Lynchburg. Mr. Jack Masters with an talk about his fourth book “Land Grants for the Elk River 1783-1831”. It lists and maps the land grants given on the Elk River. This includes Moore, Franklin, Lincoln and Giles Counties. The book is 650 pages long, fully indexed and has the grants superimposed on present day Maps, enabling you to determine the modern day location of these grants.

“Land Grants for the Elk River 1783-1831 will be available for purchase at the end of his program. Mr. Masters has written 3 other books covering the North of the Cumberland River, South of the Cumberland River, and the Duck River. He is a native of Putnam County, Tennessee, lives in Sumner County and retired from the Aladdin Company in Nashville and has been writing in retirement. His web site is http://www.jackmasters.net/index.html

For further information contact Betty Robertson at 931-759-7763, email grannyjorobertson@gmail.com or George Stone at georgestone@cafes.net or at

About John Parkes

Welcome to the Moore County, Tennessee Genealogy Page. My name is John Franklin Parkes and I maintain this Web site. I have been researching my family for about seven years. Although I have only been working on my genealogy for a short time, my great-grandfather Roy H. Parkes, Sr. of Lynchburg, Tennessee spent his entire life collecting family histories, wills, deeds, pictures, and other historical treasures from this county. I was fortunate enough to obtain or get copies of most of his written records. After careful research, I realized that I am related in some way to many families of this county. Some of the surnames include Bobo, Colsher, Edens, Fanning, Felps, Flack, Holt, Lewis, Moore, Motlow, Parkes, Pearson, Pogue (Pollock), Renegar, Rountree, Simpson, Stone, Waggoner, & Walker. It may be noteworthy to mention that my great-great-great-great grandfather Allen Waller Parkes, great-great-great grandfather Rufus Burton Parks, great-great grandfather Rufus Alonzo Parks, great grandfather Roy H. Parkes, Sr., grandfather Roy H. Parkes, Jr and father Robert Jackson Parkes are all buried in the Lynchburg Cemetery, Moore County, Tennessee. God willing, I will also be buried there.
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