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Civil War Veterans at Moore County TN Couthouse (Numbered)

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Civil War Diary was a diary kept by the late Rufus B. Parkes when serving as a soldier in the Confederate army. The diary was lost by Mr. Parkes on the Shiloh battlefield, was picked up by a federal soldier serving in an Indiana regiment. The diary comprises eleven pages and covers the time from the day Mr. Parkes left his home at Lynchburg to the first day of the battle of Shiloh on Sunday, April 6th, 1862. The diary will prove of much interest to the family of Mr. Parkes, and to others whose relatives are referred to in it.

Public excitement ran high here at the outbreak of the Civil War. Public meetings were held at Lynchburg, and at other points throughout the county, and were addressed by Peter Turney and others. The people were almost unanimously in favor of a Southern Confederacy. The first company to enter the service was Company E, of the 1st Tenn. Confederate Infantry. This company was raised at Lynchburg in March, 1861, and joined its regiment at Winchester in the next month. Company D, 1st Tenn. CSA, was organized at Ridgeville in March, 1861, and joined its regiment at Winchester the next month. Company H, 8th Tenn. CSA, was raised by Capt. William L. Moore from this and adjoining counties. The company was organized with its regiment at Camp Trousdale, in Sumner County, 29 May 1861. Company C, 4th Confederate Infantry, was raised by Capt. J.W. Smith, with headquarters at Ridgeville. It joined its regiment at Knoxville in July, 1861. It was raised wholly within the territory now belonging to Moore County and consisted of over 100 men. Company G, 41st Tenn. Confederate Infantry, was raised in the vicinity of Marble Hill by C.H. Bean. Company A, 41st Tenn. Confederate Infantry, was partially raised in the vicinity of Charity. Another group joined Forrest’s Escort, which organized at Shelbyville in the fall of 1862 and joined the army at Murfreesboro after its return from Kentucky. This command surrendered 10 May 1865 at Gainesville, Alabama. The people of the territory composing this county suffered great loss during the war, and lived in constant fear of death from marauding parties and bushwhackers. COMPANY E, First Tennessee Confederate Infantry. This company was raised at Lynchburg in March, 1861, and joined its regiment at Winchester in the next month. Officers, Dr. E.Y. SALMON, Captain; T.H. MANN, First Lieutenant; C.W. LUCAS, Second Lieutenant; W.F. TAYLOR, Third Lieutenant; W.P. TOLLEY, First Sergeant; J.P. EDDE, Second Sergeant, T.H. PARKS, Third Sergeant; J.N. TAYLOR, Fourth Sergeant; M.C. PARKS, First Corporal; J.H. SILVERTOOTH, Second Corporal; A.W. WOMACK, Third Corporal; F.W. MOTLOW, Fourth Corporal; W.B. TAYLOR, Ensign. KILLED – Lieut. T.H. MANN, Sergt. J.P. EDDE, Corp. J.H. SILVERTOOTH, and Privates William T.K. GREEN, B.W. SHAW, B.R. BOBO, T.E. BROWN, J.J. LUCAS, J.W. STOCKSTILL, John MCCULLEY, W.M. JONES, W.A. DILLINGHAM, J.F. METCALF, J.T. HUNTER, C.M. WADE, William F. MORRIS, F.G. MOTLOW, Clay HOSKINS and J.S. GREEN. WOUNDED – Lieuts. W.F. TAYLOR, Sergt. W.P. TOLLEY, Sergt. J.N. TAYLOR and Privates M.L. PARKS, A.F. EATON, B.H. BERRY, R.H. CRAWFORD, O.J. BAILEY, S.W. EDENS, W.H. HUTCHENSON, George JONES, T.C. SPENCER, T.D. GREGORY, B.A.W.I. NORTON, J.H. BRANDON, M.A.L. ENOCHS, John GRAY, and Alex. BAILEY. Ensign W.B. TAYLOR and Private M.V. HAWKINS each lost an arm, and Private Joseph S. HOBBS lost a leg. DIED – Corp. A.W. WOMACK, Privates John W. BROWN, W.C. KIRTLAND, W.H. WAGGONER, David ROBERSON, W.A. STRAWN, J.C.C. FELPS, John R. CATES, F.D. BEDFORD, J.C. JENKINS, William F. SCIVALLY, John D. HINKLE, F.A. THURMAN, and Olla OVERBY. The following made it through the war without being wounded: Capt. E.Y. SALMON, Lieuts. C.W. LUCAS, and A.F. EATON, Sergt. T.H. PARKS, Corp. M.C. PARKS, Corp. F.W. MOTLOW, T.J. ALLISON, M.L. PARKS, Jr., T.J. EATON, C.D. WILLIAMS, Z. MOTLOW, J.K. BOBO, Anderson EDENS, A.H. PARKS, S.E.H. DANCE, C.W. FELPS, T.A. CHAPMAN, J.M. RHOTON, F.F. BROWN, W.C. JONES, J.R. STRAWN, J.S. HUBBARD, W.M. MILES, W.A. PARKS, J.W. ROBINSON, J.P. RIVES, J.S. KIRTLAND, Joseph MILES, J.R. MULLINS, Jacob MULLINS, William M. COWAN, M.R. COBBS, J.M. SHAW, W.M. PEARCE, S.C. TUCKER, James H. HOLMAN, W.B. DANIEL, F. MOTLOW, William M. BANKS, Frank EDENS, Sanford STEWART. Officers after reorganization were W.P. TOLLEY, Captian; T.H. MANN, First Lieutenant; O.H. BAILEY, Second Lieutenant; A.F. EATON, Third Lieutenant. Capt. TOLLEY was wounded and retired, and Lieut. MANN was promoted to the captaincy, and at his death Lieut. BAILEY was promoted to the captaincy and held it to the close of the war. Lieut. LUCAS resigned during the first year of the war, and his place was filled by the election of Private A.H. PARKS. COMPANY D, First Tennessee, CSA, was organized at Ridgeville in March, 1861, and joined its regiment at Winchester the next month. Its Captain, N.L. SIMPSON, died during the war, and John BEVEL then became captain. First Lieutenant AWALT; Lieutenants, William DAVIS, Thomas BAGGETT, Nat NORVELL; Tuck HILL, Thomas DAVIS, Allen POGUE, Jacob MITCHELL, Ben GEORGE, Henry DRIVER, Giles POWERS and Thomas TAYLOR were among the killed in the service. Capt. John BEVEL, Lieut. H.J. BYROM, Alex REEDY, John CLARK, were among the wounded. J.W. BYROM lost left hand, R.H. ANTHONY, William LEWIS and Isaac MITCHELL each lost a leg. Thomas REEDY, John CLARK, wounded; ? TRIBBLE, Olla OVERBY and Ezekiel SHASTEEN died in the service. Lieuts. John TRIBBLE and Monroe FARRIS, and Privates Thomas ROGERS, James ALLEN, Thomas ANDERSON, Tobe ANDERSON, Milt BYROM, James BAILEY, R.S. ANTHONY, Rev. William ANTHONY, chaplain of the regiment, L.A. ROGERS, Larkin ROGERS, Benjamin SHASTEEN, H.W. FARRIS, Joseph POGUE, George SANDERS, William FANNING, Wes. FANNING. Watch Cook, William JONES, Dick JONES, James A. SANDERS, A.A. DAVIS, E.J. CHAMBERS, Henry MCGIVENS, G. RANEY, W. WEAVER, George WEAVER, Ben HUTTON, James HUTTON, E. BROWN, Toliver HENDRICKS, John HENDRICKS, Turner CHILDS, Dr. CHILDS, R.A. OVERBY, H.C. BOLEN, Joseph BOLIN, ? SMITH, John MCKINZIE, John STRONG, John COBBLE, William and Robert MAJORS, H. PILOT and Gabriel LEWIS all are supposed to have served to the close of the war. The information concerning this company was given by the county court clerk, J.W. BYROM, during his administration. Company H, Eighth Tennessee CSA, was raised by Capt. William L. MOORE from this and adjoining counties, and consisted of 104 men. When the regiment was organized, Capt. MOORE was elected lieutenant-colonel, and William J. THRASH, was made captain of the company. The company was organized with its regiment at Camp Trousdale, in Sumner County, May 29, 1861. The following named persons enlisted from what is now Moore County; Benjamin MORGAN, Frank JOHNSON, Lieut, J.G. CALL, W.L. DAVIDSON, W.H. MARTIN, Joseph STACY, P.Y. MITCHELL, Alexander BRADY and John REESE, all of whom were killed in the service. And L.A. FARRER, W.J. TAYLER, Nat. S. FORRESTER, Lieut. John SULLIVAN, Berry LEFTWICH, Brittain CARRAGAN, P.A. RABY, Lieut. John D. TOLLEY, H.L.W. BOON, Alex. CRANE, Stephen JOHNSON, M.M. DEAN, Wilson CALL and John RABY, all of whom were wounded. James and Rufus MOREHEAD (Surname Correction to MOOREHEAD was submitted by William F. Moorehead), both of whom died in the service. The following are supposed to have served to the close of the war: Albert H. BOON, Joseph BROUGHTON, Wiley H. and John S. CARRIGAN, Jas. H.C. DUFF, John ESLICK, Isaac V. FORRESTER, Enoch GLIDEWELL, Geo. C. LOGAN, H.D. LIPSCOMB, W.M. MONTGOMERY, Geo. F. MILLER, E.M. OUSLEY, B.H. RIVES, John C. RANEY, John B. and Robt. F. STEAGALL, John B. THOMASON, Daniel J., George A., Geo. W., Sr., Geo. W., Jr., Felix M., Daniel N., George H., Felix, Henry A., and Riky WAGGONER, Edward D. and James W. WHITMAN, Wm. A. WOODARD, Elijah W. YATES, Benj. BROUGHTON, Green B. ASHBY, W.N. BONNER, Isaac EVANS, W.R. EVANS, Geo. W. GATTIS, Sr., J.H. LEFTWICH, Jacob C. MORGAN, Jas. F. MASSEY, J.F.M. MILLS, Ellis MILLS, F.M. MOYERS, Jas. W. MITCHELL, Jas. MARR, Jas. M. MAJOR, Wm. NORVALL, John OWENS, E.B. RABY, Jos. M. SEBASTIAN, Stephen P. WILES, John C. WALD, W.H. WEBB. Company C, Fourth CSA Infantry, was raised by Capt. J.W. SMITH, with headquarters at Ridgeville, and consisted of over 100 men. It joined its regiment at Knoxville in July, 1861. It was raised wholly within the territory now belonging to Moore County. – James OSBORN, James COBBLE, Henry FARRAR, James JACKSON, John GRAVES, John STEAGALL, T.W. STEAGALL, George SHASTEEN, Alfred TRAVIS, Joseph ROSE, Thomas PEARSON, T. ROBERSON, M.J. BROWN, Robert BROWN and Tom SHASTEEN – all of whom were killed in the service. And Marion BEDFORD, M.A. and W.B. COUSER, S. DILLINGHAM, John EATON, Robert FARMER, James GORE, H. GORE, John BYROM, George DAMRON, H. NELSON, Samuel ROLAN, Thomas RANEY, H. ROSENBERGER, J.F. MITCHELL, J. HAMMONTREE and Polk NIX – all of whom were wounded. William BRANNON, J.A. COBB, Enoch GARNER, Davis MARSHALL, Javan NELSON, John BUCHANAN, P. OSBORN, William RUNNELLS, Allen REVIS, A. SHASTEEN, Ed. ROSE, C.L. PARKS and N.M. IVEY – all of whom died in the service. A. CUMMINS, James OSBORN and James BURT were discharged on account of disability. And Capt. J.W. SMITH, Lieuts. G.W. BYRON, D.P. MUSE and R. SIMPSON, and Sergt. S.J. SHASTEEN and the following non-commissioned officers and privates: S.W. ANDERSON, D.G. BRANCH, George and Samuel BROWN, W.M. BROWNING, D.R. BEDFORD, J.R. BOLIN, A.W.and E.A. COBBLE, E. BOLIN, J.P. DAMRON, D. ELLIS, William EVANS, Henry FULLMORE, J.C. COBBLE, Stephen HANES, Doll BYROM, Henry MILES, Isaac DANNEL, Henry IVEY, Tom GRAVES, Tom MUSE, William CURLE, Sam RAY, M. RUNNELLS, Doe RUNNELLS, William SHASTEEN, Elijah and Jacob SHASTEEN, H. and R. SMITH, Ralph GRAY, R. RIDDLE, J. PARDON, Dan BAKER, Levi LAWSON, Stephen and John PILANT, Sam PARKS, Henry BEVELL, J.Y. PRICE, J. HENDRICKS, James and William TRAVIS, A.J. PARKS, J.J., William and M. and C. TANKESLEY, W.W. and Alfred BURT, E. BROWN, Jack IVEY, James HUDGENS, James RODGERS, William SMITH, George TIPPS, Joe FORD, H.M. BEAN, M. HOLT. N. THOMPSON, W.M. TUCKER, J. TIMMS and J.R. PARKS – all served to the close of the war. Company G, Forty-first Tennessee CSA Infantry, was raised in the vicinity of Marble Hill by C.H. BEAN, who was its original captain. Captain, W.E. MURREL; Lieutenants, W.N. TAYLOR, G.S. TIPPS (killed) and H.H. JOHNSON; Sergeants, J.J. MATLOCK, A. SMITH, G. HALL and J.M. WAGGONER; Corporals, G.W. DAVIS, R.C. HINDS, J. HILL, W.H. NOAH and G.W. RENEGER. Privates, Conner AWALT, E.M. BEAN, J.W. BOWLING, J.B. BENSON, Wm. and Abe BRAZELTON, Nick COPELAND, Fletch CHURCH, James COOPER, H. CHURCH, Jesse and James ETHRIDGE, W.C. GRANT, T.H. HALL, Zib FRILLY, Rich GROVES, Richard HILL, Jack HALL, J.F. HALL, I.H. HALL, T.J. HISE, J.K. HIGGENBOTHAM, J.H. HIGGENBOTHAM, S.M. LEWIS, Samuel MORRIS, J.M. MAYES, George MCCLURE (killed), Z.R. MURREL, F.M. MCCOY, John MORRIS, J.M. MCKINZIE, P.J. NOAH, M. POWERS, H.G. RENEGAR, W.C. ROACH, G.R. SCIVALLEY, J.V. SCIVALLEY, G.W. SYLER, J.N. SCIVALLEY, S.W. SMITH, Kit SMITH, Pen SANDREDG, John TIPPS, J.F. TIPPS, J.C. TIPPS, W.J. TIPPS, C.M. TAYLOR, J.H. VANZANT, Izaac VANZANT, W.M. WISEMAN, R.C. WISEMAN, J.T. WISEMAN (killed), M.G. WAGGONER, G.W. WICKER, J.M. WOODS, W.D. YOUNG M.V. WISEMAN. COMPANY A, Forty-first Tennessee CSA Infantry, Capt. JAMES, was partially raised in the vicinity of Charity, and the following is a list of names of those who joined it from the territory now belonging to Moore County. Lieut. H.B. MORGAN, who lost his left arm at the battle of Franklin, H.H. NEECE lost right arm at Atlanta. Lieutenant L. LEFTWICH, Henry DAVIDSON, J.C. DAVIDSON killed at Franklin, Mart COLLIER, J.R., T.M. and Robt. REES, J.B. RAINEY, M.A. PROSSER, Wash COX, Joseph BROCK, Nat and M.B. REES, and Thomas ALBRIGHT. Also serving in this company was Boyers S. POLLOCK, killed in Mississippi. FORREST’S ESCORT, This company was organized at Shelbyville in the fall of 1862. The men joined the army at Murfreesboro after the companys return from Kentucky: F.G. MOTLEY, S.J. GREEN and W.T.K. GREEN, killed in the service; W.F. TAYLOR, received seven wounds; Lieut. John EATON and Privates J.N. TAYLOR, T.J. EASTON, D.R. BEDFORD, D.H. CALL, E. CLARK, T.M. DANCE, M.A.L. ENOCHS, C.W. LUCAS, and Orderly Sergt. M.L. PARKS were among those who served to the end of the war without being wounded. This command served under Gen. FORREST during the war, and surrendered May 10, 1865, at Gainesville, Ala.