Edens Family History

The statement of MRS. SUSAN MILDRED COLSHER, a daughter of Alexander Edens and his wife, Cincinnata (Walker) Edens, made to Roy H. Parkes July 6, 1924.

My father was Alexander Edens, and my mother, his wife, was Cincinnata Edens, the daughter of Andrew Walker and his wife, Elizabeth.

I have the family bible of my father, and in it are the following entries:

FAMILY RECORD: BIRTHS: “Alexander Edens, son of Jacob and Rachel Edens, was born June 25th A.D., 1799. “Cincinnata Walker, daughter of Andrew and Elizabeth Walker, was born December 10th, 1801. “Felix W. Edens was born May 8th, 1824. “Amanda M. Edens was born May 26th, 1826. “James Edens was born December 30th, 1828. “Elizabeth A. Edens was born March 17th, 1831. “Mary A. Edens was born September 13, 1833. “Joseph T. W. Edens was born August 28, A.D. 1839. “Samuel Wilson Edens was born 19th November, 1840. “Emily Jane Edens was born A.D. 1842, January 1st. “Virginia Saphronia Porter Edens was born 11th September, 1845. “Susan Mildred Edens was born December 10th, 1848.”

MARRIAGES: “Alexander Edens and Cincinnatta Walker were married June 26th, 1823.

The entries in my own family bible are:

W.H. Colsher and Susan M. Colsher were married at the home of Cincinnata Edens July 10th, 1873, Elder T.J. Shaw officiating.

“William Henry Colsher was born October 1, 1837. “Sue M. Colsher was born December 10, 1848. “John Herbert Colsher, September 20, 1874. “Harry Boone Colsher, Jan. 19, 1876. “Eva, February 1, 1879. “Willie Henry Colsher, December 21, 1884.”

My father, Alexander Edens, was a native of South Carolina. My mother, Cincinnata Walker, was the daughter of Andrew Walker and his wife, Elizabeth. Andrew Walker and his wife, Elizabeth, died at Lynchburg, Tennessee, and they are buried in the graveyard at Bethel, a Primative Baptist Church, Lynchburg, Tennessee. My father and mother died on the farm now owned by F.P. Enochs, and are buried in the graveyard on this farm.

My brother, Felix W. Edens died unmarried.

My sister, Amanda M., married Wiley A. Hobbs, and had the following named children: (1) Susan, a daughter, who married John Henry Allen, who lives near Hilltop in Bedford county, Tenn.; (2) Alex. D. Hobbs, who died in Lynchburg, Tennessee, leaving two children, Hugh, a son, and __________ who married John Spencer; (3) Mattie, a daughter, wife of A.D. Robertson, who lives in Moore county, Tenn., (1924) on the farm owned by his father, Loderick Robertson.

My brother, James, married Mary Landess or Landers.

My sister, Elizabeth A., was the first wife of Martin L. Parkes, 2d, by whom she had the following named children: (1) Mary, a daughter, who married Rufus F. Waggoner, moved to Missouri and died there. She was the mother of Mary the wife of _ah Dance, now (1924) living in Selma, Alabama; (2) Birdie, a daughter, who married Daniel S. Evans, and is the mother of Charles and Felix Evans, sons, and Mary, a daughter, wife of Jack Bobo, and Ophelia, a daughter, wife of Lem Motlow; (3) Martin Alexander, a son, nicknamed “Rudd”, who married Cynthia Brazier; (4) Forrest, or rather Felix Forrest, a son, nicknamed “Fid”; and (5) Morris Newton 2d., a son, nicknamed “Brad”.

My sister, Mary A. , became the wife of Asa Oliver; she had one child, a daughter, who became the wife of Hoard Byrom, of near Awalt, Franklin county, Tenn.

My brother, Samuel Wilson Edens, married Martha Martin.

My sister, Emily Jane, married Andrew Waggoner, son of Fed Waggoner, and left three children, namely, A. F. (Buck) Waggoner, a son; Felix A. (“Feek”), a son; and John, a son. After Andrew Waggoner’s death, my sister, Emily Jane, married Elijah (E) Clark, and had children, namely; George, a son, who married Mrs. Eunice Stephens, nee Patton, and two daughters, Nannie and Lee.

My sister, Sophronia, became the second wife of Martin L. Parkes, 2nd., and became the mother of the following named children: (1) Effie, a daughter, who married Buckner Reynolds of Huntland, Tenn.; (2) Emma, a daughter, who married “Til” Reynolds, brother of “Buck” Reynolds, of Huntland, Tennessee; (3) Ida, a daugher, who married Mack Motlow a son of John T. Motlow of Moore county, Tennessee, and who now (1924) resides at Chattanooga, Tenn. (4) Luther, a son; (5) A. Wilson, a son; (6) Fannie, a daughter, who married Sim West, Huntland, Tennessee; (7) James, a son; (8) Thomas, a son who resides at Meadville, Pa.

I married William Henry Colsher, son of Jesse Colsher. William Henry Colsher was born in Lawrenceburg, Ind. He was a soldier in the Federal Army during the Civil War, and drew a federal pension at the time of his death. Our children are set out above. My daugher, Eva, married Roy H. Parkes, son of R. A. and Susan A. (Holt) Parkes, December 27, 1899, and there was born to her four children, namely ; Roy H., Jr., Nell, Robert and Jack Parkes. Eva died May 4, 1913.

Alexander Edens, my father, had a brother named Samuel, who died in what is now Moore county. His children were B. M. Edens, a son, who died near Countyline, Moore county, Tennessee; Frank Edens, a son, married a daughter of Henderson Overby in Moore county, Tennessee, moved to Franklin county, Tennessee, and died there; William, a son, who married an Allen, a daughter of George Allen as I remember; he died in Moore county, Tenn.; and Almira, a daughter, who married __________ McKelvy, and died in Franklin county, Tennessee.


Andrew Walker, father of my mother, Cincinnata Edens, married Elizabeth Motlow, my mother’s mother, a daughter of John Motlow, a soldier of the Revolutionary War. John Motlow died in South Carolina, and after his death, his widow, Agnes Motlow, came to what is now Moore county, then Lincoln county, and settled here in 1809 or 1810. John Motlow was a colonel in the war for independence in the army of the colonists. The silver buckles from his military uniform are now in the possession of one of his descendants, Mrs. Etna McCormick, Lynchburg, Tennessee, daugher of J. W. (Boogie) Motlow, grandaughter of John T. Motlow, greatgranddaughter of John Motlow, son of John and Agnes Motlow.

Andrew Walker came to what is now Moore county, Tennessee, and settled on the farm now owned by the heirs of the late Felix (“Fee”) Waggoner, formerly owned by Smith Alexander (S.M.A.), and Milton N. Moore. Andrew Walker was a native of South Carolina, and emigrated here in 1809. The children of Andrew Walker and his wife, Elizabeth (Motlow) Walker, were: (1) Cincinnata, a daughter, my mother; (2) Polly, a daughter, who married _______ Anthony. They had one child, a daughter, named Carolin who first married Jep? Phelps and afterwards a Reeves. Jacob Anthony and Geroge Anthony were son of Polly; she had a daughter, Elizabeth, who died unmarried. Peggy another daughter of Andrew and Elizabeth Walker, married Dave Sullivan, and lived on Norris’ Creek in Lincoln County, Tennessee, and by whom she had the following named children: William, James, John and Benjamin, sons, and if I remember correctly, one daughter who married a Cummings. (4) Lauriette, daughter of Andrew Walker and his wife, Elizabeth, married Dr. J. A. Keller, first , moved to Illinois, where Dr. Keller served in the Mexican War, and died, and by whom Lauriette had two daughter, namely: Susan, who became the wife of Woody B. Taylor, a son of John H. Taylor, a son of Woody B. Taylor and his wife, Nancy (Seay) Taylor, who settled in what is now (1924) Moore county, Tenn., in 1809, emigrating from Georgia; and Elizabeth, a daughter, who became the wife of Dr. Albert Henderson Parkes, a son of Martin Livingston Parkes, 1st., a son of Ambrose Parkes and his wife, Frances (Isbell) Parkes, of Wilkes county, North Carolina. After Dr. Keller’s death, Lauriette returned to what is now (1924) Moore county, Tennessee, and afterwards married Elisha Womach, by whom she had one daughter, Emma, who married Joseph M. Sebastian, and died in Moore county leaving surviving, Elisha W., a son, John R., a son, Floy, a daughter, and Burt and Buford, twin sons. John R. is dead. Floy became the wife of Spoon Motlow and died, leaving one child, a daughter, surviving.

(5) James, a son of Andrew Walker and wife, Elizabeth, married __________________, a sister of the wife of James W. Holman, father of James H. Holman, Wilse Holman and Dr. T. P. Holman, who resided at and died in Fayetteville.

(6) Harriett, a daughter of Andrew and Elizabeth Walker, married Larkin Johnson first, and after he died, she next married Benjamin H. Berry, 1st., who lived and died at what is known as the Berry lands about one mile south of Lynchburg on the Fayetteville pike now owned by Mrs. John L. Tolley; and after Berry died, she married Mike Shofner, a native of Bedford county.

(7) Nancy, a daughter of Andrew and Elizabeth Walker, married Dr. Ambrose Lee Parkes, a son of Martin L. Parkes. 1st., son of Ambrose & Frances (Isbell) Parkes, and had children, namely: Maria, a daughter, who married Jake Kiser; Kate, a daughter, who married _______ Hicks; Andrew, a son; Lee, a son; Harriet, a daughter, who married _______ Kimery; Lauriette, a daughter, who married _______ Kimery; and Dennis, a son, who resides at Saint Louis, Mo.

(8) Maria, a daughter, of Andrew and Elizabeth Walker, died unmarried.

The children of Agnes Motlow, widow of John Motlow, who came to what is now (1924) Moore County, Tennessee, from South Carolina, after the death of her husband, John Motlow, a colonel in the patriot army in the revolutionary war, were:

(1) Elizabeth, who married Andrew Walker. (2) Jack or John Motlow, who married Polly Taylor, daughter of Woody B. and Nancy (Seay) Taylor, and a sister of John H. Taylor. (3) William, who died unmarried. (4) Felix, who married _______ Adkins. (5) Lauriette, who married a ________Massey.

Jack of John, who married Polly the daughter of Woody B. Taylor, was the father of John T. Motlow, father of J. W. (Boogie) and Mack Motlow, and Irene, wife of Dick Daniel; and another son was named William, I think, and one named James; John and Polly Motlow had a daughter, Nancy Ann, who first married a Broadway and by whom she had one daughter, Bettie or Elizabeth, wife of Rufus Burton Parkes, a son of Allen W. Parkes son of Ambrose Parkes and his wife, Frances (Isbell) Parkes; after her husband, _______ Broadway died, Nancy Ann married a Patty and became the mother of a daughter, Elon, who married Arthur R. Hinkle of Lymchburg; and after her husband, ______Patty, died Nancy Ann became the wife of William (Devil Bill) Parkes, who died at Shawneetown, Ills; another daughter of John and Polly Motlow was Caroline, who married George Parkes; and another daughter was “Tay”, who married Benjamin H. Berry, 2nd., and became the mother of May, Fannie, and Addie (Berry) Baxter, wife of C.C. Baxter, and George Berry; and Alma, who married Joe Ervin.

Zadock, son of Agnes and John Motlow, married Polly Goodlett, and had the following named children: Harriett, a daugher, who married a Beatty; Emily, a daugher who married _______Hart; William, a son, who married ________Gray, and died in Franklin county, Tenn., leaving several children; Nancy, a daughter, who married Ewin Moore; Jack or John, a son, who married Jossie Green, daughter of T. P. Green; Felix (Stump) Motlow, a son, and Susan, a daughter, who married John D. Floyd, of Bedford county, Tennessee, a minister of the Christian Church.

Felix, son of Agnes and John Motlow, married Peggy Adkins, and had the following children: Zadoc, who first married Nancy Bobo, daughter of Samuel Bobo of Moore county; and afther his death, _________________; John, and older son than Zadoc, married Eliza? Womack, a daughter of Elisha Womack: a son, nicknamed “Plum”, of Felix, married first Rebecca Rutledge, a daughter of Sam Rutledge of Lincoln county, Tennessee, and after her death married Sallie Wiseman, mother of Clarence Motlow of Lynchburg. A daughter of Felix and Peggy was Lauriette who married James Berry a son of Benjamin H. Berry, 1st.; another daughter, Josie, married Wesley Lucas, and moved to Texas; another daughter, Susan, became the wife of W. W. Holt.

Jack of John Motlow, son of Agnes Motlow, owned the farm now known (1924) as Lem Motlow’s Home farm, died there.

Agnes Motlow’s maiden name was McIlhenny or McElheeney. When she brought her family from South Carolina, she made her home on land now owned by Lem Motlow, her house being where the “Kincaid” houses are on the west Bank of East Mulberry creek a mile and a quarter or a mile and a half up the creek from Lynchburg.

I, Susan M. Colsher, have read the forgoing and same is correct, according to the family records, and family tradition, and what my parents told me, and the above statements have always been accepted by my family and relatives as true.

July 6, 1924.

Sue M. Colsher