Historical Sites of Interest

OldJailOld Jail Museum

When Moore County was formed, one of the major tasks facing the newly elected Moore County government was finding quarters for the governmental bodies. The county officials set up shop in churches, store buildings, and houses acquired by the new county, but it was obvious that special accommodations had to be made for the housing of prisoners. And so a jail was the first building to be designed and built especially for Moore County. In 1893, the County Court appointed a Jail construction Committee to acquire a lot on Main Street. This facility operated until construction was completed on the new Moore County Jail in 1990. The Moore County Historical Society obtained the old jail building when the new jail was completed. It was opened as a museum in 1991.It is open March thru mid-December, Tues thru Saturday, 11:00 am till 3:00 pm. Closed Holidays. Adults $1.00 donation and children under 16 FREE. Group rates available.  Handicap assessable. Memorabilia & historic artifacts on exhibit. Authentic cells, vintage clothing, in operation for 97 yrs. 1893-1990, on National Register of Historic Places.

jack_daniel_visitorsJack Daniels Distillery

The manufacture of whiskey has been extensive in Moore County. There were once fifteen registered distilleries in the county. Today Jack Daniels is the sole distillery. (George Dickel is located in nearby Normandy, Bedford County). Jasper Newton Daniel, better known as Jack, put Lynchburg on the map back in the 1860’s when he bought the distillery from Daniel Call. In 1866, Jack Daniel applied for and received the first license to operate a distillery. Being first led the United States Department of the Interior to place the business on the National Register of Historic Places. Tours are conducted from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily and begin at the visitor’s center.

miss_mary_bobosMary Bobo’s Boarding House Restaurant

Down the street from the Moore County Jail Museum is Miss Mary Bobo’s Boarding House Restaurant. The business opened in 1908 and serves excellent home cooked meals. Miss Bobo’s is now run under the direction of Jack Daniel’s great-great niece, Miss Lynne Tolley. Miss Tolley carries on Miss Bobo’s tradition of southern hospitality. The Jack Daniel’s company now owns the Boarding House. You can get on the reservation list at Miss Bobo’s Boarding House by calling 931-759-7394.

ledfords_millLedford’s Mill

Ledford’s Mill is located at the head waters of Shipman’s Creek near Tullahoma. It was built around 1810 and was a water wheel mill. The land and mill changed hands several times until Sanford V. Ledford came to Tennessee from working the silver mines in Colorado. He bought 1015 acres of land including the mill June 30, 1875. The bulk of the property had been in Bedford County, prior to Moore being established. In 1909 when Tennessee prohibited the manufactured distilled spirits, 19 legal whiskey distilleries were shut down in Moore County. In December, 1995, Dennis and Kathleen Depert bought the mill and moved east from their home on an island in Puget Sound off the coast of Washington State. With backgrounds in art education, interior design and retail marketing, the Deperts reopened Ledford Mill in March of 1996 as a shop for antiques, collectibles and folk art. While they have no future plans to grind corn at the mill, they intend to keep the mill’s machinery intact as a part of the historical interest of the mill. The Deperts are converting the mill into a bed and breakfast inn with three very special accommodations all having access to the gardens, waterfall and creek. The main floor will be a comfortable lobby, with kitchen facilities, private dining area and a small combination gift shop and museum. They are planning to open an herb farm and country store specializing in “green” environmentally friendly goods. There will also be a lunch area. The Ledford Mill is located: From Tullahoma, go north on U.S. Hwy. 41-A for 2.3 miles from junction with State Hwy. 55, turn left on Ledford Mill Road, go three miles to mill. For information call: (616)-455-2546.

Historical Homes (Taken from 2006 Tour of Homes)

The Bedford Home
The Bedford’s home was erected in 1977 on the farm once owned by the Jim Daniel family. Bill Richard of Lynchburg designed the house and the late Frank Hice – a well-known local contractor – built the house along with many others houses in the surrounding area. Ruth Thurston, an interior designer from Nashville, has also been involved with the design and layout of the interior. The house features hardwood floors and granite counter tops in the kitchen and utility room along with marble floors and marble counter tops in bathrooms that were added in 2002. The house has numerous antique pieces that have been collected by the Bedfords. In addition, many collectibles have been brought back from travels abroad and are shown throughout the house. One of the home’s unique features is a bronze sculpture of grandson Wyatt, created by an Australian artist, which stands overlooking the patio.

Bedford Guesthouse
Frank Hice also built the Bedford’s guesthouse for his sister-in-law and brother-in-law, Frankie and Earl Moore, in 1957. The Bedford’s purchased the house in 1999. In 2000 Bill Richard did a major update. Carpet was removed and the original hardwood floors refinished. Ruth Thurston has also been involved with the interior design and planning of this house. The theme in the guesthouse is: clean and simple and easy to maintain.

The Poe Home
Built in the mid-1800’s this house was originally owned by Dr. Albert Henderson Parkes and wife, Mary Elizabeth Keller. She was the daughter of Dr. J.A. Keller and wife, Lauriett Walker, and was a close cousin of the famous Helen Keller. They raised three children in the home: Lillian Moore Parkes (1873-1927), Susan Bird Parkes (1876-1958), and Albert H. Parkes (1879-1949). Dr. Parkes (1836-1890) was a doctor for the Confederacy during the Civil War. After the war the Confederate Veterans used the Parkes home place for their reunions. Burl and Rachel Poe bought the house and from Frank and Fred Price. They lived in the home for many years. The present owners are Joe and Betty Poe, Their son, Nathan was the third generation of Poe’s to live in the house. The Poe’s have restored their home to its original beauty.

The Tolley House
The Tolley House was built during the early to mid 19th century. The original owner, Lem Motlow, deeded the house to his sister, who was married to John Tolley. The couple’s son, Lem, lived in the house until the 1980s with his wife Ethel who supervised major renovation with additions and new decor being added. After the death of Mr. Lem ans Ms. Ethel, Homer and Nelda Campbell bought the estate. The Campbells lived in the Tolley House for 19 years and sold the estate to Frank and Karen Fletcher on May 12, 2006. The estate is currently being used as a bed and breakfast. In addition to the main house there is a carriage house, which contains a two-car garage and large workshop area.

Goodwin’s Old-Time General Store
Goodwin’s Old General Store Museum on County Line Road is truly a passion for owners Jim and Sue Goodwin. Their 1930s general store and barbershop include a massive authentic collection from the early 1920s to the 1950s era. The museum also has a 40s era Barber Shop, which will remind you of Floyd’s on the Andy Griffith show. The latest endeavor here is a 1950/1960s are Texaco Gas Station, complete with the station attendant and 28 cent gas.

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