Lynchburg String Band

Translator’s coments corrections are listed in[brackets].
All ways back 40 to 60 years ago the town had a string band. Most any time you could call a few to gather for a little pleasure in Music. They were alway[s] ready to do a few numbers day or night. No one that heard Fate Waggoner play “The Mocking Bird, Maple on the Hill, Over the Waves[,] Cricket Under [the] Hearth or Keep My Mother[‘s] Grave Green, will ever forget, with Mrs. Emma Hinkle Riddle at the piano, or Mrs. Selena Bobo Sebastian at the piano, both [of] these ladies were wonderful mucians [musicians]. Lynchburg had talent that went unnotice[d], [the following thought could not be determined] one seem known to name some of them. If the talent scouts of today would have had a real feald [field day] here. There was the Sebastian twins Burt & Buford Carter Burgdorf, Cleranc[Clarence] Motlow (Fatty)[,] Athel Waggoner, the 2 Mashburn Brother[s,] Fitzhugh Lee, with his Mandolin[.] His fevrat [favorite] or theme Song was the Old Oaken Bucket as he strowell [strolled] along the streets. Dick Hinkle had the Banjo[,] Hary Parkes [Harry Parks,] Carter Burgdorf[,] “Fatty” Motlow[,] Jess Hobbs played the Guitar[.] Jess {Candy) Daniel {Colored) played the Big Base [Bass] Fiddle. Coy White (Colored) played the Guitar[.] Athel Waggonne[r] played a Horn or the violin also. The writer of these lines played the Violin in the Winters of 1910 1911 and 1912[.] Dick Hinkle, Carter Burgdorf[,] Coy White and the writer are all the ones living that played in Lynchburgs[‘s] String Band 55 years ago. Their [there] was talent in Lynchburg[.] William Waggoner son of the Band Master Billy Waggoner became a great violines [violin-ist] up in Chicago then returned I have heard. If living now his home is in Denver Colo. Some natives of this town return to their Childhood home. Mrs. Selena Sebastian Mother of Carter Burgdorf compose[d] many songs that was never published. She played her piano up to the end of her 78 or 79 years of life, a very wonderful Muscan [musician], started when a little girl she taught music.

Mrs. Emma Hinkle Riddle played from a little girl taught piano for a long time, was teaching at the time she and Mr. Riddle were married back in the 18 and nineties.

[The following paragraph was not clearly written:] This String Band in some ways held on untill [until] the late twenties and early thirties. A group of Fayetteville would come over to Lynchburg. Hiram Higgins, Walter Burn[?], Byrd Douglas, Jess Hobbs, Massy Trip and a Mr. Warren met at Mrs. Ell[?] Sebastian[,] Mr.& Mrs. Roy Parks Jr.[,] Milton Waggoner, Charles Parks[,] Dick Hinkle. Just any place that [illegible] the Band Mr. Warren, Mr. Trip, Dick Hinkle and the writer are all that are living today. The Lynchburg were [illegible] to me in Fayetteville, Boys. Now that was in the nineteen thirties mind you very little enterest [interest] today in String music in Lynchburg.