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Town of Lynchburg

A map of Lynchburg, Tennessee for year 1920 was drawn and scaled by Roy H. Parkes, Sr. which displays detailed information concerning the ownership of every tract of land in and around the Lynchburg town square. A larger and more detailed image.

The Lynchburg String Band played in the early 1900’s up until the late twenties or early thirties. This short informal account of those years is written by one of the musicians and list most of the members of that band. The piece was probably written sometime around 1965 on small sheets of notebook paper and contains many grammatical mistakes. This translated version attempts to correct some of the errors while still maintaining the original script.

Census Information
Dates available on film: 1880-1940 The first census for Moore County was taken in 1880 and has been transcribed. This census showed a black servant living in the household of J. N. Morehead by the name of F. Waggoner. The 117 year old ex-slave was born in Virginia and his parents were born in Africa. He listed his occupation as “Works in garden”. The 10 districts were made up of the inhabitants that had formerly been in Bedford, Franklin and Lincoln Counties. There were a total of 5,457 whites and 731 coloreds enumerated.

Moore County Clerk & Masters
1. E. Y. Salmon (July 22, 1872-1880)
2. W. A. Frost (June 28, 1880-1884)
3. R. B. Parks (July 26, 1884-1897)
4. James T. Bickley (September 27, 1897-July 19, 1915)
5. J. W. Motlow (1916-1921)
6. George Morris Shaw (August 22, 1921-August 1, 1944) Died in Office
7. Roy H. Parkes, Jr. (August 15, 1944-1976)
8. Mary B. Parkes (July 1, 1976-November 15, 1980)
9. Richard Grant (November 15, 1980-December 31, 1985)
10. Francis Bedford (January 1, 1986-December 31, 1997)
11. Tammy Roberts (January 1, 1998-Present)
Researched by Christine Pyrdom (Archives Manager) 

County Histories The Brandon Chapel Methodist Church History is a church history which was compiled/written in April 1955.

Family Histories

The Edens Family History is a family history taken down in 1924 by Roy H. Parkes, Sr. from his mother-in-law Susan Mildred (Edens) Colsher. The history goes deep into the genealogy of many early Lynchburg, Moore County (then Lincoln County) families such as Motlow, Edens, Walker, Berry, Parkes and Bobo.

The Felps Family was originally compiled by Roy H. Parks, Sr. and has been referenced in many books written about the Felps (Phelps), Waggoner, and Yount families. This version of his work was copied by Nova S. Anderson from an original owned by Mrs. Hattie Rogers of Lynchburg, TN and is somewhat difficult to follow. For further research of the families mentioned in this document, I recommend reading the following books: Historical Genealogy of the Felps Family by Minnie Beauchamp Twidwell, Waggoner – Yount Odyssey by Lewis Vaughan, and Jacob Waggoner and His Descendants.

The Parkes Family History is the most complete family history written by Rufus Alonzo Parks in 1924 which was originally typed on 13 legal sheets of paper. It quotes two Parkes family bibles, one of which is in the possession of John Franklin Parkes. The document goes into great detail with descriptions of the early structures around the Lynchburg town area. It traces the families of Ambrose Parkes of Wilkes County, North Carolina and the descendants of Thomas Rountree, one of the original settlers of what is now Lynchburg, Moore County, Tennessee.

The Parkes Family History 2 is a family history written in 1924 by Rufus Alonzo Parks which includes great detail of the formation of Moore County along with many descriptions of the early structures around the Lynchburg town area.

Statement of M.N. Parkes, Jr. in which he gives his personal account of the Parkes family. M.N. Parkes also gives a physical description of his great grandparents (Ambrose and Frances Parkes) which was passed down to him by his father, Martin Livingston Parkes, 2nd. of Lynchburg, Tennessee.